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Idi Amin
Idi Amin Dada seized power in Uganda in a military coup in January 1971, deposing Milton Obote.
Amin's rule was characterised by gross human rights abuse, political repression, ethnic persecution, extrajudicial killings, nepotism, corruption and gross economic mismanagement. The number of people killed as a result of his regime is estimated to range from 100,000 to 500,000.
Dissent within Uganda and Amin's attempt to annex the Kagera province of Tanzania in 1978 led to the Uganda–Tanzania War and the demise of his regime. Amin fled to exile in Libya and Saudi Arabia.

The Pentagon Papers
Daniel Ellsberg, a former U.S. Marine and military analyst, precipitated a constitutional crisis when he released the top secret "Pentagon Papers" to The New York Times.
The papers comprised the U.S. military's account of theatre activities during the Vietnam War. Their release substantially eroded public support for the War.
Although the Pentagon Papers were mostly an indictment of the Democratic administration of Lyndon B. Johnson for misleading the public, together with a succession of related events, including Watergate, they eventually led to President Richard M. Nixon's resignation.
You can now read the Pentagon papers here.

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The Music of 1971

Australian Radio in 1971

Television in 1971

Monty Python
Lassie 1954-72    
Gunsmoke 1955-75 cast  
Pick-a-Box 1957-71    
(Australian) Bandstand 1957-72    
The Black & White Minstrel Show 1958-78    
Bonanza 1959-71 cast
Z Cars 1960-78    
My Three Sons 1960-71 cast  
Four Corners 1961-current    
Dr Who 1963-93, 2005-current cast  
Bewitched 1964-71 cast  
Till Death Us Do Part 1964-74 cast  
Homicide 1964-76 cast  
Hogan's Heroes 1965-71 cast
Get Smart 1965-79 cast
Mission Impossible 1966-73 cast
Mannix 1967-75    
Bellbird 1967-77    
This Day Tonight
became The 7.30 Report then 7.30
Mod Squad 1968-73 cast  
Dad's Army 1968-77 cast  
It's Academic 1968-78    
Sesame Street 1968-current cast  
(US) 60 Minutes
Australian version from 1979
Monty Python's Flying Circus 1969-74 cast
Doctor in the House 1969-77    
The Partridge Family 1970-74    
Matlock Police 1971-75    
All in the Family 1971-83    
Young Talent Time 1971-88    
Hey! Hey! It's Saturday 1971-99 & 2010    

Movies in 1971

Title Cast Academy Awards Buy
Billy Jack directed by Tom Laughlin Tom Laughlin
Delores Taylor
Click here to purchase
A Clockwork Orange directed by Stanley Kubrick Malcolm McDowell
Patrick Magee
Click here to purchase
Duel directed by Steven Spielberg Dennis Weaver
Lucille Benson
Click here to purchase <
Fiddler on the Roof directed by Norman Jewison Topol
Norma Crane
Leonard Fray
Best Cinematography
Best Score
Best Sound
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The French Connection directed by William Friedkin Gene Hackman
Roy Scheider
Best Picture
Best Actor
Best Directing
Best Editing
Best Screenplay
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The Last Picture Show directed by Peter Bogdanovitch Timothy Bottoms
Jeff Bridges
Claris Leachman
Ben Johnson
Best Supporting Actor (Ben Johnson)
Best Supporting Actress (Claris Leachman)
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Summer of '42 directed by Robert Mulligan Jennifer O'Neill
Gary Grimes
Jerry Houser
Best Original Score
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Sunday, Bloody Sunday directed by John Schlesinger Glenda Jackson
Peter Finch
Murray Head
Peggy Ashcroft

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Books of 1971

Title Author Buy
The Betsy Harold Robbins Click here to purchase
Books Do Furnish a Room Anthony Powell Click here to purchase
Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee Des Brown Click here to purchase
The Day of the Jackal Frederick Forsythe Click here to purchase
The Exorcist William Peter Blattey Click here to purchase
The Passions of the Mind Irving Stone Click here to purchase
Rabbit Redux John Updike Click here to purchase
The Unknown Industrial Prisoner John Ireland  
Wheels Arthur Haley  
The Winds of War Herman Wouk Click here to purchase

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