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Indonesian Confrontation
Between 1962 and 1966, Indonesia and Malaysia fought a small, undeclared war which came to involve troops from Australia, New Zealand and Britain. The conflict resulted from a belief by Indonesia's President Sukarno that the creation of the Federation of Malaysia, in 1963, represented an attempt by Britain to maintain colonial rule behind the cloak of independence.
In December 1962, a small party of armed insurgents attempted to seize power in the independent enclave of Brunei, but were defeated by British troops from Singapore. Throughout 1963, small parties of armed men began infiltrating Malaysian territory on propaganda and sabotage missions.
The Australian Government refused to become involved so long as Indonesia did not attack the Malaysian peninsula. This occurred in 1964, when the Indonesian army launched paratroop and amphibious raids, which were easily repelled by British Commonwealth forces. The Australian Government deployed an infantry battalion to Borneo.
During 1965 and 1966, the Australian artillery, SAS, air force and navy also became involved.
114 British troops, including 23 Australians, and 590 Indonesians were killed before a peace treaty was signed in August 1966, following the overthrow of President Sukarno.

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The Music of 1964

Australian Radio in 1964

Television in 1964

The Munsters
The Nelsons 1952-66 cast  
Lassie 1954-72    
Gunsmoke 1955-75 cast  
Perry Mason 1957-65 cast
Pick-a-Box 1957-71    
(Australian) Bandstand 1957-72    
Rawhide 1958-66 cast
The Black & White Minstrel Show 1958-78    
Dr Finlay's Casebook 1959-65    
Alfred Hitchcock Presents 1959-65  
Bonanza 1959-71 cast
Ben Casey 1960-65 cast  
The Flintstones 1960-65 cast
Mr Ed 1960-65 cast  
The Andy Griffiths Show 1960-68 cast
Z Cars 1960-78    
My Three Sons 1960-71 cast  
Dick van Dyke Show 1961-65 cast  
Dr Kildare 1961-66    
The Avengers 1961-69 cast
Four Corners 1961-current    
McHale's Navy 1962-65    
Combat! 1962-67 cast  
The Beverly Hillbillies 1962-70 cast
Steptoe & Son 1962-65, 70, 72 & 74 cast  
Burke's Law 1963-65    
My Favourite Martian 1963-65    
The Outer Limits 1963-65    
The Fugitive 1963-66 cast  
The Saint 1963-68 cast  
Petticoat Junction 1963-69    
Dr Who 1963-93, 2005-current cast  
The Addams Family !964-65  
Peyton Place 1964-68    
Flipper 1964-66    
The Munsters 1964-66 cast  
The Man from UNCLE 1964-67 cast  
Gilligan's Island 1964-68 cast
Daniel Boone 1964-69    
Mavis Bramston Show 1964-68 cast  
Bewitched 1964-71 cast  
Till Death Us Do Part 1964-74 cast  
Homicide 1964-76 cast  

Movies in 1964

Title Cast Academy Awards Buy
Becket directed by Peter Glenville Richard Burton
Peter O'Toole
John Gielgud
Best Screenplay
Dr Strangelove directed by Stanley Kurick Peter Sellers
George C. Scott
Stirling Hayden
Slim Pickens
Keenan Wynn
James Earl Jones
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A Fistful of Dollars directed by Sergio Leone Clint Eastwood
Gian Maria Volonte
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(a James Bond) movie)
directed by Guy Hamilton
Sean Connery
Gert Frobe
Honor Blackman
Best Sound Effects
A Hard Days Night directed by Richard Lester The Beatles
Wilfred Brambell
Victor Spinetti
Anthony Quayle
Click here to purchase
Mary Poppins directed by Robert Stevenson Julie Andrews
Dick van Dyke
David Tomlinson
Glynis Johns
Ed Wynn
Elsa Lancaster
Best Actress
Best Editing
Best Score
Best Song ("Chim Chim Cheree")
Best Special Effects
&Click here to purchase
My Fair Lady directed by George Cukor Rex Harrison
Audrey Hepburn
Stanley Holloway
Wilfrid Hyde-White
Best Picture
Best Actor
Best Director
Best Art & Set Direction
Best Cinematography
Best Costume Design
Best Score
Best Sound
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Robin & the Seven Hoods directed by Gordon Douglas Frank Sinatra
Dean Martin
Peter Falk

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Zorba the Greek directed by Michael Cacoyannis Anthony Quinn
Alan Bates
Irene Papas
Lila Kedrova
Best Supporting Actress
Best Art & Set Direction
Best Cinematography

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Books of 1964

Last Exit to Brooklyn Hubert Selby Click here to purchase
Marat/Sade (Full title: The Persecution and Assassination of Jean-Paul Marat as Performed by the Inmates of the Asylum of Charenton Under the Direction of the Marquis De Sade) Peter Weiss Click here to purchase
The Lucky Country Donald Horne Click here to purchase
Breakfast of Champions Kurt Vonnegut Click here to purchase

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