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The Profumo Affair
In 1961, John Profumo, who was the British Secretary of State for War in Harold Macmillan's government, had an afair with Christine Keeler who the newspapers described as a call girl. The two were introduced by a prominent oesteopath and artist, named Stephen Ward.
In 1962, Keeler become involved with a Jamaican drug dealer named Aloysius "Lucky" Gordon. When that relationship ended Gordon attacked her with an axe and held her hostage. As a result, a former boyfriend of Keeler's. Johnny Edgcombe, attacked Gordon and wounded hom with a knife.
When Keeler told Edgecombe that she would give evidence against him for wounding Gordon, Edgecombe plotted to murder her. The case eventually got to court and Profumo's relationship with Keeler was revealed. But Profumo denied it in Parliament.
The counter-intelligence agency, MI5, questioned Keeler and became suspicious because, although she was very ignorant of current affairs, she seemed to know about nuclear missiles. They became convinced that Keeler had had a relationship with Yevgeny "Eugene" Ivanov, a senior naval attaché at the Soviet embassy, who was using her to get secret infromation from Profumo.
In the end, Profumo was convicted of perjury, Stephen Ward (who had introduced Profumo and Keeler) was found dead, officially by suicide but, according to conspiracy theories, murdered to prevent him disclosing more damaging information, and Harold Macmillan resigned due to "ill health".

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Dennis the Menace 1959-63 cast  
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The Fugitive 1963-66 cast  
The Saint 1963-68 cast  
Petticoat Junction 1963-69    
Dr Who 1963-93, 2005-current cast  

Movies in 1963

Title Cast Academy Awards Buy
Billy Liar directed by John Schlesinger Julie Christie
Tom Courtenay
Wilfrid Pickles
Mona Washourne
Ethel Griffies
Finlay Currie
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The Birds directed by Alfred Hitchcock Rod Taylor
Tippi Hedren
Suzanne Pleshette
Jessica Tandy
Veronica Cartwright
Ethel Griffies
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Charade directed by Stanley Donen Cary Grant
Audrey Hepburn
James Coburn
Cleopatra directed by Joseph L. Mankewcz Elizabeth Taylor
Richard Burton
Rex Harrison
Pamela Brown
Best Art & Set Direction
Best Cinematography
Best Costume Design
Best Visual Effects
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Hud directed by Martin Ritt Paul Newman
Patricia Neal
Melvyn Douglas
Best Actress
Best Supporting Actor
Best Cinematography
Irma la Douce directed by Billy Wilder Shirley Maclaine
Jack Lemon
Lou Jacobi
Best Score (adaptation)

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It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World directed by Stanley Kramer Spencer Tracey
Milton Berle
Ethel Merman
Best Sound Effects
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The Pink Panther directed by Blake Edwards Peter Sellers
David Niven
Robet Wagner
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Tom Jones directed by Tony Richardson Albert Finney
Susannah York
Hugh Griffith
Diane Cilento
Dame Edith Evans
Best Picture
Best Director
Best Score (original)
Best Screenplay
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Cat's Cradle Kurt Vonnegut Click here to purchase
The Collector John Fowles Click here to purchase
Shoes of the Fisherman Morris West Click here to purchase
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