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Banned Books
In 1958, the Australian Customs Department published a list of banned books (previously, even the list was banned). Most remained banned until the early 1970s.
The banned list included:
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Castro in Cuba Fidel Castro's rebel forces overthrow the Cuban government

The Music of 1958

Australian Radio in 1958

Television in 1958

Huckleberry Hound
The Lone Ranger 1949-61 cast
Dragnet 1951-58 & 1967-69 cast  
The Nelsons 1952-66 cast  
The Loretta Young Show 1953-60    
Father Knows Best 1954-63 cast  
Lassie 1954-72    
The Mickey Mouse Club 1955-59 cast
The Phil Silvers Show (Sgt Bilko) 1955-59 cast  
The Adventures of Robin Hood 1955-59 cast  
The Life & Legend of Wyatt Earp 1955-60 cast  
Cheyenne 1955-62 cast  
Gunsmoke 1955-75 cast  
The Silent Service 1957-58    
Zorro 1957-58 cast  
Sea Hunt 1957-60 cast  
Hancock's Half Hour 1956-61 & 63 cast  
Bachelor Father 1957-61 cast  
Sugarfoot 1957-61 cast  
Maverick 1957-62 cast  
Leave It to Beaver 1957-62 cast  
The Real McCoys 1957-62 cast  
Have Gun Will Travel 1957-63 cast  
Wagon Train 1957-61 & 63 cast  
Perry Mason 1957-65 cast
Pick-a-Box 1957-71    
(Australian) Bandstand 1957-72    
Desilu Playhouse 1958-59    
Peter Gunn 1958-60 cast
Yogi Bear 1958-62 cast  
Huckleberry Hound 1958-62 cast  
Naked City 1958-62    
77 Sunset Strip 1958-63 cast  
The Rifleman 1958-1963 cast  
Rawhide 1958-66 cast
The Black & White Minstrel Show 1958-78    

Movies in 1958

Title Cast Academy Awards Buy
Bridge on the River Kwai directed by David Lean Alec Guinness
William Holden
Jack Hawkins
Sesue Hayakawa
Best Picture
Best Actor
Best Supporting Actor
Best Director
Best Cinematography
Best Editing
Best Score
Best Screenplay
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Carry On Sergeant
(First of the Carry On series)
directed by Gerald Thomas
Kenneth Connor
William Hartnell
Kenneth Williams
Cat on a Hot Tin Roof directed by Richard Brooks Elizabeth Taylor
Paul Newman
Burl Ives
Judith Anderson
Jack Carson
Madeleine Sherwood
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Damn Yankees directed by George Abbott Tab Hunter
Gwen Verdon
Ray Walston
The Inn of the Sixth Happiness directed by Mark Robson Ingrid Bergman
Curt Jurgens
Robert Donat
The Naked and the Dead directed by Raoul Walsh Aldo Ray
Cliff Robertson
Raymond Massey
South Pacific directed by Joshua Logan Mitzi Gaynor
Rosanno Brazzi
John Kerr
Best Sound
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Teacher's Pet directed by George Seaton Clark Gable
Doris Day
Mamie van Doren
Gig Young
Vertigo directed by Alfred Hitchcock James Stewart
Kim Novak
Barbara Bel Geddes
Tom Helmore
Henry Jones
Ellen Corby
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Books of 1958

Title Author Buy
Dr No (a James Bond book) Ian Fleming Click here to purchase
Exodus Leon Uris Click here to purchase
The Zoo Story Edward Albee Click here to purchase
Saturday Night & Sunday Morning Alan Sillitoe Click here to purchase
Balthasar Lawrence Durrell Click here to purchase
Breakfast at Tiffany's Triman Capote Click here to purchase
Dr Zhivago Boris Pasternak Click here to purchase
The Affluent Society John Kenneth Galbraith Click here to purchase

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