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X-ray Shoe-Fitting Machines
X-ray machines, called "fluoroscopes", designed to check the fit of shoes were patented in the 1920s and were common fixtures in shoe stores from the late 1920s through the 1950s - some remained in use as late as the 1970s.
Radiologists today only expose patients to the minimum radiation necessary and carefully avoid exposing themselves at all. In contrast, shoe-fitting fluoroscopes were badly designed, were used by barely-trained shoe salesmen and gave a considerable dose of radiation to the feet and salesman's hands as well as some to the head, eyes and thyroid.

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Polio Vaccination

The Music of 1955

Australian Radio in 1955

Television in 1955

Television was not introduced into Australia until 1956. However, shows that later became popular in Australia were already being broadcast elsewhere. These included:
The Lone Ranger 1949-61 cast
Dragnet 1951-58 & 1967-69 cast  
I Love Lucy 1951-55 cast  
The Cisco Kid
(First TV series made in colour)
Victory at Sea 1952    
Our Miss Brooks 1952-57 cast  
The Nelsons 1952-66 cast  
The Adventures of Superman 1953-55 cast  
The Loretta Young Show 1953-60    
Father Knows Best 1954-63 cast  
Lassie 1954-72    
The Honeymooners 1955-56 cast  
Sergeant Preston of the Yukon 1955-57    
The Mickey Mouse Club 1955-59 cast
The Phil Silvers Show (Sgt Bilko) 1955-59 cast  
The Adventures of Robin Hood 1955-59 cast  
The Life & Legend of Wyatt Earp 1955-60 cast  
Cheyenne 1955-62 cast  
Gunsmoke 1955-75 cast  

Movies in 1955

Title Cast Academy Awards Buy
The Blackboard Jungle directed by Richard Brooks Glenn Ford
Anne Francis
Sidney Portier
Vic Morrow
Louis Calhern
Richard Kiley
Guys and Dolls directed by Joseph L. Mankiewicz Frank Sinatra
Marlon Brando
Jean Simmons
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Jedda directed by Charles Chauval Ngarla Kunoth
Wason Byers
Margaret Dingle
Willie Farrar
Tas Fitzer
Lady and the Tramp directed by Hamilton Luske Peggy Lee
Larry Roberts
Barbara Luddy
Stan Freeberg
Alan Reed
Bill Thompson
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Love Me or Leave Me directed by Charles Vidor James Cagney
Doris Day
Cameron Mitchell
Best Story
Oklahoma! directed by Fred Zinnemann Gordon MacRae
Shirley Jones
Eddie Albert
Best Score
Best Sound
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Rebel without a Cause directed by Nicholas Ray Lames Dean
Natalie Wood
Sal Mineo
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The Tender Trap directed by Charles Walters Frank Sinatra
Debbie Reynolds
Celeste Holm
Karl Malden
Lee J. Cobb
Martin Balsam
Best Song ("The Tender Trap")

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Books of 1955

Title Author Buy
The Quiet American Graham Greene  
The Trial Franz Kafka Click here to purchase
The Confession of Felix Krull Thomas Mann Click here to purchase
A Charmed Life Mary McCarthy Click here to purchase
Lolita   Vladimir Nabokov Click here to purchase
The Tree of Man Patrick White Click here to purchase
The Ginger Man JP Donleavy Click here to purchase
Cat on a Hot Tin Roof Tennessee Williams Click here to purchase
Moonraker (a James Bond book) Ian Fleming Click here to purchase
The Phenomenon of Man Pierre Tailhard de Chardin Click here to purchase
The Practice of Management Peter Drucker Click here to purchase

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