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de Havolland Comet
A year after entering commercial service, Comet airframes began suffering catastrophic metal fatigue, with three of them tearing apart during mid-flight. The Comet was withdrawn from service and extensively tested to discover the cause. Design flaws including window shape and installation methodology were ultimately identified. The Comet was extensively redesigned with oval windows, structural reinforcement and other changes.

de Havilland Comet
de Havilland Comet

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Ike for President Eisenhower's campaign jingle.

Korean War Casualties continue during cease fire talks.

The Music of 1952

Australian Radio in 1952

Television in 1952

Television was not introduced into Australia until 1956. However, shows that later became popular in Australia were already being broadcast elsewhere. These included:
The Lone Ranger 1949-61 cast
Dragnet 1952-58 & 1967-69 cast  
I Love Lucy 1952-55 cast  
The Cisco Kid
(First TV series made in colour)
Victory at Sea 1952    
Our Miss Brooks 1952-57 cast  
The Nelsons 1952-66 cast  

Movies in 1952

Title Cast Academy Awards Buy
The Greatest Show on Earth directed by Cecil B. de Mille Charlton Heston
Betty Hutton
James Stewart
Cornell Wilde
Dorothy Lamour
Gloria Grahame
Best Picture
Best Story
High Noon directed by Fred Zinnemann Gary Cooper
Grace Kelly
Otto Kruger
Lloyd Bridges
Thomas Mitchell
Katy Jurado
Best Actor
Best Editing
Best Song ("High Noon")
Best Score

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Ivanhoe directed by Richard Thorpe Robert Taylor
Elizabeth Taylor
Joan Fontaine
Singin' in the Rain directed by Gene Kelly
Stanley Donen
Gene Kelly
Debbie Reynolds
Donald O'Connor
Jean Hagan
Millard Mitchell
Rita Moreno
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Books of 1952

East of Eden
Title Author Buy
The Invisible Man Ralph Ellison Click here to purchase
East of Eden John Steinbeck Click here to purchase
The Old Man & the Sea Ernest Hemmingway Click here to purchase
Foundation & Empire Isaac Asimov Click here to purchase
The Illustrated Man Ray Bradbury  
Reach for the Sky Paul Brickhill Click here to purchase
Bridge on the River Kwai Pierre Boule Click here to purchase
The Second Sex Simone de Beauvoir Click here to purchase

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