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Australians Become Australian
The Colonies, which were to become Australian States, had been granted self-government between 1856 (New South Wales) and 1890 (Western Australia). The Colonies united to form the Commonwealth of Australia on 1 January 1901. But until 1949, (European) Australians remained British citizens. Aboriginal Australians didn't become citizens until 10 August 1967.

Silly Putty
During the Second world War, James Wright, a G.E. engineer, discovered that a compound of boric acid and silicone oil formed a pink, bounceable substance. He could find no conceivable use for it. In 1949, Peter Hodgeson, an unemployed copyrighter, got the idea of marketing the substance as "Silly Putty". It was an immediate hit with kids who found innumerable uses for it. Hodge eventually grossed $140,000,000 from the product.

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Atomic Tests
One of the 23 atmospheric tests conducted at Bikini Atoll between 1947 and 1953.

Berlin Air Lift
American and British aircraft supply Berlin when it is blockaded by the Soviets

The Music of 1949

Australian Radio in 1949

Television in 1949

Television was not introduced into Australia until 1956. However, shows that later became popular in Australia were already being broadcast elsewhere. These included:
The Lone Ranger 1949-61 cast

Movies in 1949

Title Cast Academy Awards Buy
All the King's Men directed by Robert Rossen Broderick Crawford
Joanne Dru
John Ireland
Mercedes MacCambridge
John Dereck
Shepperd Strudwick
Best Picture
Best Actor
Best Supporting Actress

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The Big Steal directed by Don Siegel Robert Mitchum
Jane Greer
William Bendix
Patrick Knowles
Ramon Navarro
The Fountainhead directed by King Vidor Gary Cooper
Patricia Neal
Raymond Massey
Kent Smith
Robert Douglas
Henry Hull
Kind Hearts & Coronets directed by Robert Hamer Alec Guiness
Dennis Price
Joan Greenwood
On the Town directed by Gene Kelly
Stanley Doneb
Gene Kelly
Frank Sinatra
Ann Miller
Betty Garrett
Jules Munshin
Vera Ellen
Best Score
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Sands of Iwo Jima directed by Allan Dwan John Wayne
John Agar
Adele Mara
Forrest Tucker
Arthur Franz
Julie Bishop
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Samson & Delilah directed by Cecil B. de Mille Victor Mature
Hedy Lamar
George Sanders
Angela Lansbury
Henry Wilcoxon
Olive Deering
Best Art & Set Direction
Best Costume Design
Sons of Matthew directed by Charles Chauval Dorothy Alison
Tommu Burns
John Ewert
Wendy Gibbs
Michael Pate
Take Me out to the Ball Game directed by Busby Berkeley Gene Kelly
Frank Sinatra
Esther Williams
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The Third Man directed by Carol Reed Joseph Cotton
Orson Welles
Alida Valli
Trevor Howard
Paul Hoerbiger
Ernst Deutsch
Best Cinematography
White Heat directed by Raoul Walsh James Cagney
Virginia Mayo
Edmund O'Brien
Margaret Wycherly
Steve Cochran
John Archer

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Books of 1949

Title Author Buy
The Third Man Graham Greene Click here to purchase
1984   George Orwell Click here to purchase
The Naked & the Dead Norman Mailer Click here to purchase
Death of a Salesman Arthur Miller Click here to purchase
The Wooden Horse Eric Williams Click here to purchase

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