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The Menzies Era saw tremendous developments in the type of car people commonly drove. At the beginning of the period, the world was still recovering from the Second World War and the Great Depression which preceded it. Transportation was basic, typified by the Volkswagen Beetle, Morris Minor and Ford Prefect. By the end of the period, Australians were able to afford powerful "muscle cars" like the Holden Monaro, Falcon GT and Chrysler Valiant Charger. 

In between, Europe created such sporty masterpieces as the Porsche 911, the Jaguar E-type, the gull-wing Mercedes 300SL the MG, the Austin Healey and Alfa Romeo Spyder. America responded by bolting big fins or big engines onto big cars. And innovators everywhere created successes like the Mini and failures like the BMW Isetta, the Ford Edsel and Australia's Lightburn Zeta.

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