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About Us

The Menzies Era web site was launched in 1996 as a small exercise to learn about the new World Wide Web. (There were only about 10,000 web sites at the beginning of 1996 - an enormous increase from around 700 sites a year earlier! The site was given a facelift in 2012, by which time there were an estimated 620,000.000 web sites.)

Over the years, The Menzies Era has grown to around 1,000 pages and a seemingly incredible total of more than 42,000 hyperlinks - so I trust you'll forgive me if I've missed a broken link or two!

During this time a number of our visitors have been generous enough to send us a kind comment on the site. These are some of them:

Peter Thorogood

Web's Best Sites
"Our editors have selected your site as one of the best on the Internet when reviewed for quality, accuracy of content, presentation and usability."
- Britannica.com
"One of the very best sites in Australia"
- Sofcom Distributors Pty Ltd
Pick of the Net

for the Top 10
New Australian Sites.
"I just visited this wonderful site and I love it 100 percent."
- Mark Mlekush
Pick of the Net

"(We) decided to offer this award to a small of number sites that we consider to be outstanding, and your site was one of the very first that came to mind.."
- Mary & Ray Harris
"Excellent web-site!  I'm passing it along to many others."
- Roger Brant, Vancouver, Canada

"I was very impressed with your website. Especially the details about  Robert Menzies life.  Mr. Menzies was my grandmother's cousin ... Thank you again for all the information."
- Sharon Schifla
"LOVED IT... I just sat there with a big smile on my face ... Thinking about those times. Thanks for the memories!"
- Ron Phillips

Groovy Site
"One of the best sites of interest to New Zealanders"
- Internet Phone Book
"Call me as to the possibility of an interview"
- Nicola Harrison, ABC Radio

"Well done on such a fun and informative site."
- Lynda Burke, NSW Distance Education

"I love your site :)"
- Kim Holden, Virtual Australia
"I am interested in putting a story together ... Contact me soon"
- Nick Roberts, Foxtel

Best of the Web
"It pleases me so much to view a website that is so strait and to the point with the information about the films and music ... Bravo"
- "an American in Florida"

"Great site, Peter"
- Brian Wilshire, Radio 2GB

"Your page RULES"
- Darryl Faminoff